5 Best Chimney In India 2023

best chimney in india 2022

The best kitchen chimney is essential for any kitchen. A kitchen chimney is a great way to improve airflow and increase ventilation in your kitchen.

It can also be a daunting prospect when designing a kitchen. We think it’s probably too flashy, too expensive, or not worth the money.

But we are here to clear all these doubts and strengthen our position on the use of kitchen chimneys. Enhancing the beauty of the home is one of the most important duties of a housewife.

Since the kitchen is the main part of the house, you should focus on improving its appearance to make it impressive and organize the space with modern elements that make the kitchen efficient.

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Considering the requirements of a modern kitchen and the ease of working with it, installing a modular kitchen is the best option.

When building a modular kitchen, kitchen chimney installation cannot be overlooked.

The biggest advantage of installing a kitchen chimney is that it keeps your space clean, fresh, and healthy and ultimately reduces the hassle of cleaning your kitchen.

You need to choose Best Chimney In India 2023 to keep your kitchen away from smoke, dirt, grease, oil, and other unhealthy particles. You can create a healthy cooking environment.

It has many options in the market, so it can be confusing. To buy the Best Chimney In India 2023, some key points should be considered. It meets your needs.

Best Chimney In India 2023 – Reviews

Here are some of the best-selling kitchen chimneys in India Be sure to check the pros and cons of the chimney with its specifications.

This will give you more ideas and help you choose the best fireplace for your kitchen.

Reviews are based on in-depth research and extensive product comparisons to provide the best information about fireplaces.

Some important aspects of the chimney are considered such as size, type, quality,

suction capacity, and design. Nominated products are based on customer ratings. This review attempts to search for fireplaces online and compare features.

Which Are The 5 Best Chimney In India 2023?

ChimneyNoise LevelMaterialProduct Link
GLEN‎58 dBStainless SteelBuy Now
Elica‎58 dBStainless SteelBuy Now
Faber‎58 dB‎GlassBuy Now
KAFF‎54 dBStainless-SteelBuy Now
Inalsa‎65 dBGlassBuy Now

5 Best Chimney In India 2023

1. GLEN Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Glen
  • Special Feature: Auto clean, filterless, made in India, Auto Clean, Touch Control

If you are looking for a chimney with easy filter cleaning, choose the Glenn 6060 auto-clean chimney. In addition to the filterless chimney, it has an external oil collection tray to collect oil and grease particles.

A powerful 150W motor provides strong suction power with low noise. Motion sensors and touch controls make it easy to use. With a suction capacity of 1050 cubic meters per hour,

the smoke from the pot is discharged outside and keeps your kitchen and clean walls free of debris. It also has an LED light that illuminates the kitchen.


  • Chimneys are reasonably priced.
  • Motion and touch sensors work well enough.


  • It has low suction power.

2. Elica Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish Type: Christmas
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Elica
  • Special Feature: Auto Clean; Motion Sensor Control

Elica is the most popular kitchen Best Chimney In India 2023. Elica now offers a range of popular versions with automatic cleaning technology and no filter in addition to the baffle filter kitchen chimney.

Best Chimney In India 2023 Elica WDFL 606 HAC MS Nero is ideal for cooking with a maximum air intake of 1200 cubic meters per hour.

This Elica model features Heat Auto-Clean technology on top of clean filterless technology. Pocket friendly you can buy instantly without any worries.


  • Touch and motion gestures work well.
  • No filter with automatic cleaning technology.
  • Fair price.


  • There are no major problems with this chimney.

3. Faber Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney 

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish Type: Black Finish
  • Material: Glass
  • Brand: Faber
  • Special Feature: Auto Clean, Touch Control

No list of the best kitchen chimneys would be complete without discussing Faber products.

Faber Chimney 60 cm 1500 cubic meters per hour – Hood Primus Plus Energy HC SC BK 60 is one of the leading products on the market today. This Faber model is the best Indian kitchen chimney.

You’re right about the Erica price range we’ve seen, this might be the toughest competition. First, the suction power of 1500 cubic meters per hour is the strongest on our list and its class.

Your kitchen is always fresh and the rest is clean. With its suction power, even the most advanced self-cleaning capabilities can be considered an advantage.

Its engine is also one of the most powerful on our list, tried and tested by many consumers – and its durability is second to none. It is well-designed for long-term durability and ease of use.

It has an LED light and a touch panel that activates. Excellent value for money and a long-term investment that is very useful for everyone.


  • High suction power (1500 cubic meters per hour)
  • Baffle filter with oil collector
  • Automatic cleaning technology
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy touch control
  • Comes with 2 x 1.5W LEDs


  • Additional installation fee
  • Installation takes a long time

4. KAFF Dry Heat Auto Clean Black Curved Tempered Glass Kitchen Chimney

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish Type: Painted
  • Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Brand: Kaff
  • Special Feature: Double Baffle Filter, Auto Clean, Touch Control

KAFF kitchen chimney “LIZ DHC 60” has a sophisticated and practical design. Curved glass with a black finish complements any kitchen design.

The filter type inside the chimney is a solid SS baffle filter. The filter is easily cleaned by opening the chimney hood.

These chimneys are made of stainless steel, each with a size of 60 cm for small and large kitchens. This chimney has a suction capacity of 1150 cubic meters per hour and can handle large amounts of smoke.

Innovative automatic cleaning technology automatically cleans the dry heat of the chimney. It also features an oil collector for easy disposal of cooking residue.

KAFF is an innovative kitchen chimney, ideal for wall-mounted chimneys. This range offers a variety of touch controls and speed controls that make this product easy to use for chefs of all levels.

This KAFF kitchen chimney is designed as an affordable, efficient and stylish exhaust system. Comes with 2 LED lamps to illuminate the dark kitchen. The noise level is 54 dB (maximum).

Manufactured by KAFF Machinery and originated in India. Product 1-year warranty, motor 5 years.


  • Stainless body
  • Good air suction capacity
  • Baffle filter
  • 2 LED lights
  • Control Type: Touch Control
  • Maximum Sound Level: 54 dBA (Maximum)


  • Size is only 60 cm
  • An installation kit is not free

5. Inalsa Motion Sensor Filterless Kitchen Chimney

  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Finish Type: Powder Coated
  • Material: Glass
  • Brand: Inalsa
  • Special Feature: Filterless Chimney, Oil Collector, Auto Clean, Motion Sensor

Inalsa chimney with its compact and elegant design is the right choice for your kitchen. It is also a great unfiltered kitchen chimney that does not require regular cleaning.

Another point is the automatic cleaning function, which automatically cleans the oil contamination collected inside the oil collector with one touch.

Smart sensor capabilities detect human movements to automatically control the device. The suction power is 1200 cubic meters per hour, which is a measure of efficiency.


  • A stylish and modern look attracts the eyes.
  • Filterless technology avoids the trouble of cleaning and replacing it.
  • The suction power increases and the smoke and dust are discharged quickly.
  • An automatic cleaning system that can remove accumulated oil and dust with one touch.
  • Minimal human contact
  • Equipped with LED lights on the hood for improved visibility.
  • 3-speed motor that neutralizes kitchen odors quickly.


  • High noise level.
  • The outer tube is not of very good quality.

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